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Our Services


Poooh Busters specializes in weekly pet waste removal. We visit your yard on the same day every week, scan it for visible dog poop, pick it up and take it away.


Leaving your dog with a freshly cleaned area to enjoy poop free!

We'll set you up on our route and drop by each week to scoop the poop from your yard.


Most times you won't even know we were there, we leave everything as it is except now you and your dog have a brand new, freshly cleaned yard!


After every visit, Erin will send you a personalized email letting you know our Service Rep. dropped by.


We got this.

Weekly Service

YES! I need this.

A whole bunch of different types of dogs sitting nicely

Twice Per Week Service


For whole the pack.

Got a lot of dogs?

This is the perfect service for you!


Instead of coming by once/week, we'll visit and clean your yard two times/week.


Depending on the area you live in, we'll either visit your yard to clean on Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays.

One-Time Service

We also provide one-time cleanings for whatever your reasons: move ins and move outs, special occasions (back yard weddings, family BBQs, etc), and spring time clean ups.


This service is most popular with property management companies, real estate agents and landlords who have to clean up after their most recent renters moved out and forgot to scoop the poop before they left.


Commercial Service

We don't just offer weekly service to our residential clients, we also provide specialized service for commercial situations. We're proud to offer one-time clean up services for property management companies, real estate agents and landlords.


Additionally, we can help out where there is an unusually high number of dogs located on a single property. Cases like rescue foundations, pet foster homes, guard dog protected properties, multi-family condos and more!

Kitty Litter Service

We offer a special service very few other companies provide! We will also take away your bagged up kitty litter along with the doggie waste from your yard. Just set it out the day we are scheduled to clean your yard and we take away the used kitty litter too!

Kitty litter pick up is only available for our clients who are subscribed to the weekly service program. There is never any extra charge for this added convenience.

Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for the person who literally has everything. Well I bet they don't have this! And if they do, what a great way to extend their current service.


Poooh Busters can provide personalized gift certificates for any of our weekly service packages. Contact us any time for more details!

Jack Russell Terrier with a cleaning bucket, brush and plunger in his mouth.

We'll work hard to get your property spic & span!

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